Teorías urbanas

Paisajes de la ciudad

Collective exhibition


a r t b a e n a collaborates with Cachorro Galería to join various emerging artists that talk about their walkthrough and transformations in Mexico City during the last decade. Multidisciplinary tour, critic and nostalgia about culture, urbanization, and problems caused by the gentrification that destroy rivers and ecological reserves to satisfied needs beyond postmodernity while still growing the concrete stain that rethink the ways of living.


Teorías urbanas (Urban theories) is a set of city landscapes that shows the collective perception of a space that exists thanks to its contemporaneity: latent traces in memory, violence, abstraction, migrations, garbage, emblematic places, non-places, buildings, vacant lots. What García Canclini referred to as the uncertainty of the urban that becomes even more vertiginous when it comes to a megacity. Time defeats the attempt to define and structure it.

Héctor Archundia Ibarra




Artists: Ariadna San Vicente, Elihú Álvarez, Francisco Gamero Pako, Fernanda Morales Tovar, Iris Aík Alpízar, María Fernanda Rosales Cortés Ferroco, Iliana J. Portnoy, César Rangel Ramos y Daniel C. Fernández.


Lourdes Baena
Direction artbaena


Iris Alpízar
Direction Cachorro Galería


Héctor Archundia Ibarra


Ariadna San Vicente
César Rángel Ramos
Daniel C. Fernández
Elihú Álvarez
Francisco Gamero, Pako
Fernanda Morales Tovar
Iris Aík Alpízar
Iliana J. Portnoy
María Fernanda Rosales Cortés, Ferroco

Carlos Uzcanga
Armando Garlez

Arting & Visual Bricks Estudio de Arquitectura 

Virtual exhibition