Francisco Gamero Pako

(Durango,1997) His work is figurative and abstract. His main influence is Jean Michel Basquiat. Gamero's work has a special harmony due to the repetition of figures, lines, and symbols; deeply marked by the violence of drug trafficking in the north of the country, within his work, bright colors and pastels predominate that go above the caliber of the bullets to contrast the iron of the weapons.

His latest project focuses on violence and how it degenerates into an endless media circle, using an image that plays between the aggressiveness of shooting and the calm of common life in northern Mexico.

He graduated from Escuela de Pintura, Escultura y Artesanías, Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango. He founded Siete galería de arte in 2018 which he currently runs. He serves as a visual artist and curator, member of the Colectivo siete in Durango. In 2019 he exhibited his work Two sevenths at Palacio de los Gurza, received first place in Premio Estatal de Pintura Guillermo Bravo Morán and won the Premio Municipal de la Juventud. He exhibits his works in his hometown as well as in other cities around the country.