Iliana J. Portnoy

(Mexico City, 1987) An artist who investigates from the possibilities and artistic forms about his immediate, personal, urgent concerns. There is a proposal where painting, graphics, and sculpture predominate, the latter is directed more towards object art, thus it also explores the possibilities of the exhibition space with some installation proposals.

His work is related to various questions, formal, such as the interest in color as a phenomenon and symbol, or ethical, such as the concern for overpopulation. There is a problematization of the form centered on the accumulation of matter, the grotesque comes out of the variegation of the form, thus the objects or elements that at first and were uniquely inoffensive and familiar, overflow and disengage us from reality when accumulated in different directions and random order. The concept of overpopulation is offered, for now, as a metaphor made with scale models or with the opposition of order and chaos, the ethical concern is implicit, but for now this concept is being recognized and broken down into two ways: the first towards a public, social, global space; the second towards a private, familiar, emotional space.

She has a degree in Visual Arts from the Facultad de Artes y Diseño, UNAM. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Mexico City, Mexico and Torreón; has an individual exhibition at Microteatro México (2018) and was selected to participate in the XXXVI Feria Internacional del Libro del Palacio de Minería, CDMX. She also works with paper, making alternative illustrations for magazines and other projects.