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Fernanda Morales Tovar

(Mexico, 1992) Her artistic research focuses on the permanent dialogue of the artist with his work and his environment, with an emphatic reflection from the pictorial, On the canvas, through affective scenes and visual montages, proposes the incorporation of man as part of the constant modification of the environment to the industrial. Represented through the capture of man's work actions, his walking and construction or configuration of him in the and of the landscape. With the involvement of painting values, such as figuration, the schematic, color, and rhythm.

Graduate and Master in Visual Arts from the Facultad de Artes y Diseño, UNAM. She did an academic research residence in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, España. She has an individual exhibition and more tan twenty collectives, as relevant places: MUCA, UNAM, Salón de la Plástica Mexicana, Centro Cultural Universitario BUAP, Puebla, Museo de la Ciudad de México and Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. She was selected in IV Bienal de Pintura José Atanasio Monroy, Bienal Arte Lumen 02 and the contest Arte Lumen 01.  She has given clases at Facultad de Arquitectura, UNAM. Part of her work belongs to Lumen and private collections.